Better Choices, Better Results

Out with the Old

So I’ve shared that I’ve lost a couple of sizes in clothing.  What I haven’t shared is that while I’ve been eating better, so has my mother.  It’s so much easier to make changes and achieve success when you have someone doing it with you.

Anyway, once I discovered that I could get into smaller clothes, I pulled out all of my larger pants and offered them to my mother, who is a little bit larger (and taller) than I am.  That inspired her to pull all of her larger pants out of her closet as well. 

We donated a bunch of clothing and threw out some old, worn-out items.  Mostly pants, but some other items as well.  In a few weeks, once it gets warm, I’ll go through my tops and do the same thing.

I won’t be in my current size for more than a few weeks, I hope.  My goal is to rotate the 4 pairs of pants that I bought over the weekend until I’ve dropped another 2 sizes, and then repeat this process with my mom.

It was really freeing to pull out that old stuff and get rid of it.  It felt like I was leaving my old lifestyle behind.

It felt good.

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