Better Choices, Better Results

A Trick that REALLY Works!

I’m very proud of myself.

I’ve lost 2 sizes (or is it really 4 sizes each size skips a number?) since I started eating healthier, drinking more water and moving more.

I’ve resisted getting rid of my clothes because they cost a lot of money and I really don’t want to buy a bunch of new stuff every couple of months.  However, I was going to a dinner party over the weekend and wanted something new to wear. 

So I went shopping.

And tried on pants 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing.

And they fit!

And they don’t have elastic in the waistband!  Almost everything I owned had elastic in the waistband!

So – on to the trick that works.  These new pants that I bought were a little snug in the waist when I sat down, since there was no elastic to stretch.  At dinner, we had appetizers, a salad, an entrée and dessert.  I ate a few appetizers and my salad.  When my entrée came, I ate one bite.  ONE bite!  I swear that having those pants fitting so snuggly helped me fill full and I was unable to eat anything more.

I got to enjoy my meal for two additional days as well.  I ate the entrée for my dinner the following day, and shared my dessert with my mother the day after that.

I’m going to remember this trick for every eating occasion from now on!

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