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You Can Lead Me To Water…

Please note: this article is about carbonated beverages.  If you are a weight loss surgery patient, you should have already weaned yourself off of the bubbles.  I am not a weight loss surgery patient, so this is my struggle.

I’ve gotten back into a bad habit of not drinking enough water.  It’s not that I don’t have access to water; we have a really nice water cooler just a few steps away from my office.  Twenty steps, in fact.  I just counted them.

My problem is that I’ll walk the extra steps to the refrigerator, (26 – yes, I just counted those out, too) to get a soda instead. A diet and caffeine-free soda, of course, but still a soda.  It’s really not even the taste that I crave.  It’s the bubbles.

So, as I stated earlier, I’m not drinking enough water.

I can tell a difference when I’m not drinking enough water.  I feel kind of sluggish and I tend to feel overheated.  My urine is also darker, no matter how much fluid of other kinds that I drink.

So, how can I make myself drink more water?  I’ve got to break it down into steps.

First, don’t keep it in the house.  That works for a little while, but then that craving for the bubbles comes back.

Second, if I must have bubbles, then purchase them in a less-damaging format.  I can purchase seltzer water much more cheaply than I can the same amount of diet soda, and the only ingredient is carbonated water.

Third, impose a limit.  If I limit myself to a certain amount of bubbles per day, then I’ll have to drink non-carbonated beverages for the remainder of the day.  Since I don’t like to drink my calories, and I’m working on getting away from artificial ingredients, that really limits my choices.

Fourth, allow myself a treat occasionally.  Deprivation using causes overindulgence later on.

So, my goals are:

  1. Purchase fewer diet sodas, replacing them with carbonated water, or seltzer.
  2. Limit myself to one container of carbonation per day, and then finish out the day with non-carbonated beverages.
  3. Once I’m drinking more water, both carbonated and plain, then try to wean off the bubbles.

Darn those little effervescent bubbles!

Give me 30 days….I’ll do a follow-up piece.

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