Better Choices, Better Results

Huge Portions

I went to a well-known restaurant last weekend with some of my family.  I chose grilled chicken and green beans.  I treated myself to one serving of the hash brown casserole.  Normally, I’d get two because I love that stuff. 

Anyway, they had a promotional card on the table advertising their pineapple upside down cake.

I love pineapple upside down cake.

I decided that since I’d made wise choices all week that I’d have a piece.  When it arrived, my jaw fell to the floor.  I was huge!  It was an oval-shaped cake about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide.  It came with extra caramel sauce drizzled over it – and ice cream!

I immediately cut it in half and gave the other half to my mom. 

Here’s what I noticed.  It was just ok.  It was still too much.  It was too sweet.  I think it caused some digestional discomfort later on.  It’s not something I think I’d order again.  In fact, given a choice between that and a couple extra pieces of chicken, I’d get the chicken!

This is great!  This means that I’m starting to create and appreciate healthy food habits!  Even better, my body is starting to get used to healthier foods and is telling me that it doesn’t like all that sugar.

It’s moments like this that tell me that I’m doing the right things and give me the motivation to stay on this course.

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