Better Choices, Better Results


Stamina is defined as endurance, or staying power.  Nothing in that definition indicates that someone has to be perfect to have stamina.   In my mind, I’ve always equated stamina with being able to complete and be good at an activity like jogging or aerobics or stair-climbing.

Now I know that to have stamina, I just have to have staying power.  I need to stick with something and not fall into my old habits of quitting something as soon as it gets hard.

Of all my bad habits (and I have several), my habit of quitting physical activity as soon as it gets hard is one that I hate the most.

Last week I walked for 30 minutes after work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It wasn’t easy.  In fact, it was a little depressing because I felt like a lumbering elephant going around the track.  I felt like I was walking at a fast pace.  I was breaking a sweat and breathing hard.  My heart rate was elevated.  I was on my way to fitness!

Then, someone else would arrive at the track and start walking or running.  My confidence about how good I was doing would waiver; then tank as soon as those people started lapping me!

Then I took 3 days off.

It was really hard to get back into gear this morning.

But I did it!

And what I’ve now realized now is that I don’t have to be perfect!  I only have to keep doing it to get the stamina  I seek.

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