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What Are They Thinking?!?!

This week’s posts will probably all be about physical activity.  That’s been weighing on my mind a lot.  It’s a demon that I have to slay, and as my readers, you get to help in the battle.

I really like the facility that I’ve been walking at recently.  It’s large enough to provide space but doesn’t feel enormous, it has a lot of amenities should I decide to join, and they are kind enough to allow free use of their track.

This morning as I went to the Dasani water vending machine, I took a good look at the other vending machines.  There are 5 machines.  Two of them are filled with soda products, including “fitness” drinks, 1 contains mostly bottled water, and two are snack machines.

Now, I love a Snickers.  It satisfies. (Isn’t that what their marketing message tells us?)

Just a sample of what's available in the vending machines at a fitness center.

But I started thinking about the fact that this machine was in a FITNESS CENTER!!!  Um, hello?  Chips and candy do not equal fitness.  The amount of calories that I burned while walking 30 minutes, 227 (I used this calculator would not equal the amount  that I could consume by eating a Snickers bar (278 calories) in two minutes.

I realize that these machines are actually profit machines for the facility, but don’t they feel the least bit bad about the fact that they are offering this to the people, many of whom are children there for after-school programs?

Once again, this emphasizes that we are all in charge of our own fitness.  We have choices about what we eat, drink and do.   I’m not perfect, and there may come a time that I choose to have a Snickers.

Today, though, I was strong.  I made the healthy decision.

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