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The Lonely Child in us All

The walking track I use is elevated, and overlooks a couple of basketball courts.  Yesterday while I was walking, I watched a group of kids playing kickball.  The kids were about 8 – 10 years old, and were having a great time learning about the sport from their coach and playing with their friends.  In the next court were a couple of boys of the same age halfheartedly shooting hoops.

What I noticed were that the kids playing kickball were almost all normal weight and were having fun.  There were a couple of kids who were a little chubby, but were in there giving it all they had.  And let me repeat – they were having fun!

The boys shooting hoops were – you guessed it – overweight and didn’t act like they were having any fun at all.  It seemed like a chore to them.

It made me wonder; were they rejected from the other group?  Maybe.  I wasn’t there when they all arrived, but I doubt it.  Having been an overweight child myself, I tend to think that they chose to be by themselves as a sort of self-protection.  Were they afraid they would be picked on?  Made fun of because they didn’t move as quickly as the others? Laughed at if they made a wrong move?

Those were all feelings that I experienced myself.  I was terrible at every sport.   I hated P.E. class.  I was always chosen last when teams were made.  I’ve been there and done that.

Now that I’m adult, I wish I had tried more often to be a part of a team. The only team I was a part of was band.  I loved it!  As I think back on it, the thrill I took from being in the marching band wasn’t just from the competitions.  It was so much more about being accepted as a member of a team.  It was about the personal relationships.  It was about having fun before and after the competitions.

The point I guess I’m trying to make is that as we create better habits for ourselves we should pass them onto the children in our lives.  As we eat better, teach them to eat better.  As we move more, teach them to move more.  As we gain self-confidence, encourage them to develop a sense of self-confidence.

I heard something profound in a movie the other day.  Unfortunately I can’t remember what show it was, but it goes like this, “Suit up and show up, and maybe something great will happen.”

Sounds like a great motto to me!

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