Better Choices, Better Results

I Said, “No!”

Today the girls from the Center went to Fat Kat’s Pizza to celebrate a birthday.  Oh, how I wanted to go!  I love their pizza, and now they even have a buffet!  I said no, though, because right now, I have some goals that I want to reach really badly, and I know that if I went, and smelled those wonderful pizza smells, I would not be able to settle for a side salad and one slice of pizza.

In a former life, I would have gone, eaten until I was full – ok, stuffed – and worried about tomorrow, tomorrow.  It was easy to talk me into making a bad food choice, even though I knew that I should be eating better.

Now I know that if I want to maintain the healthy eating pattern that I’m trying to develop, I need to sacrifice from time to time.  Later on, when I’m closer to goal and my cravings aren’t quite so intense, I’ll trust myself a little more.

I keep mentioning these goals that I want to reach.  They’re not scaled-based, believe it or not.  I’ve never been one to “live or die” by the scale.  However, I do want to be healthier.   I want to run a 5K someday.  I want to do musical theater and be able to sing and dance without getting winded!  I want to dance!  I watch “Dancing

I Want to Dance!

Someday I hope to dance like this!

with the Stars” and I want to be the girl in the beautiful dress being led across the dance floor.  I want to be dipped and twirled and I can’t do that until I’m lighter and healthier.  I also can’t put my partner‘s back in jeopardy by letting him try to dip someone who’s too heavy!  I do hope to start dancing (maybe Zumba or something that doesn’t require a partner) before too long, though, because it’s such good exercise! 

We tell our patients to focus on goals that aren’t necessarily related to a weight or a size.  Focus on what’s really important: health, mobility, energy and happiness.

It’s time to take my own advice.

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